When it comes down to who has the most uniqueness and creativity, think Gnash. Gnash is an American singer, songwriter, DJ, and Producer. The music He produces straddles the line between pop and hip hop. They call that mix Indie Electronic. Gnash’s first EP “U” was released in?March of 2015, on Soundcloud. His second EP. “Us” was released in March of 2016. That album features?the song “I hate you, I love you” featuring Olivia O’Brien. That single hit number 59 on the Billboard Hot?100 and hit number one in Australia.?Even though it is unknown at the moment who he take after or who influences him, his music career and popularity is growing quickly. With more than 10,000 followers on Soundcloud and touring, his name is quickly spreading across the states. To get a feel of his music, imagine the voice of G-eazy and the lyrics of Drake combined. To hit on Gnash’s popularity, he is the 3,804 most popular person, the 16th most popular DJ, and 2nd most popular Gemini DJ. For a new and upcoming artist, those stats are pretty impressive.?


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