From aspiring voice actor to music artist, Christopher Gallant, or I should just say Gallant, is on the rise. By rise I mean is he coming up in the music industry pretty fast.  How does one simply come from being inspired by cartoon character Bugs Bunny to making an album with Jhene Aiko and Adrian Younge? Feel free to answer that yourself. Starting at the age of 13 was the start of Gallant’s music career. In the beginning stages we can all say the music was pretty rough, but don’t look at what was, look at what is and what will be.

Gallant has unexplainable talent. His music is what you call good, and we need more music like his in the music world. If having to describe his music in one word, that word will be “powerful.” Gallant’s music and talent will simply bring chills through your body. He is going to be big in the music world, just wait on it. His music is the type of music that a person can appreciate. Gallant makes the type of music that the people want to hear. When you listen to his music, you will feel like you have never head music before.

From his song “Weight In Gold,” you begin to get that Frank Ocean vibe. Not Frank Ocean as in hotdogs and a body of water, but Frank Ocean as in an outstanding music artist who is big in the music industry. His voice is the definition of pure bliss and tranquility.  Using one word to describe his song “Weight In Gold,” that word would be “graceful.” Gallant is the new Maxwell. If you are not listening to him by now, you are missing out.

This song does not have enough recognition. For some people it hits right at home. This song is about the feelings of having something really heavy weigh down on you and only allowing that weight to sit not knowing how to lift it. It is about allowing oneself to feel.

The song open up by saying “black dust in orbit cascades down like a parachute. Bricks on my shoulders, oh this gravity hurts when you know the truth.” Those lyrics give off such a strong sense and feeling of lowness and when he says. “This gravity hurts when you know the truth,” it tells how holding so much weight on your shoulders and carrying so much baggage will simply hurt you and will only become heavier.  The song then moves on to the chorus saying “I’m pulling my weight in gold. Call me anxious, call me broke I can’t lift this on my own. I’m pulling my weight in gold. Call me anxious, call me broke, but I can’t lift this on my own.” From these lyrics, you see how there is such this heavy burden. He express the weight that is being carried and the struggle that he is going through. It relates to people today because people go through that same struggle. The reasoning may not be the same, but the feeling is.

This is the type of music that people want and that people listen to. Gallant’s music. People like music that they are able to feel and that they are able to relate to. They want music that they are able to become one with. They just don’t want to listen to it, they want to be it. Gallant’s music is that music.


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