“I’m really focusing on creating a fictional world with recurring characters, and a story that unfolds every time I put something out… I’m a very visual person. Songs exist in rooms for me and they have certain defined faces with certain temperatures. To me music and visuals go hand in hand.”- Eves the Behavior (from Rolling Stone Magazine). Eves the Behavior associates her music with color. All songs have color and every color has a song. She likes for her music to have visuals. Visuals that people can see and relate to. Visuals that people can feel.

Only being 21 years old from Cairns, Australia, her music is really taking off in the states. Her song “TV”, released in 2015, is gaining major popularity. About this song Eves the Behavior says, “The initial concept started with the cinematic landscapes of David lynch films (circa Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive). I wanted a bunch of characters, which were created from some of my favorite literature. For example, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. We filled a room with strong characters and then placed me in it, turning me into a character too. Welcome to my space – it is perfect for the song and a perfect introduction to what comes next.”

From a recent interview found on ‘The Guardian’, Eves the Behavior was asked “What do you count as your break-out moment?” Her response was, “I think that is something that happens all the time! But, releasing my song TV has brought forth a wave of love from people who didn’t know I exist before. So perhaps that.”

After her first song was released, her name and music are quickly getting around. Her music is pure emotion.  Her music gives you an overflow of feelings and energy. It has an edge.  As being a solo music artist, Eves the Behavior taking over the music world.  Her talent is pure, taking after herself. Over the next year, keep your hears out for her music because it’s going to hit big. It will be a storm of melodic greatness.


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