The video starts off by Puth playing a grand piano within a classroom before being interrupted by a girl who comes in the room. She puts in headphones and the actual song begins to play.It then cuts in clips of Puth walking into class and sitting down.He nudges a friend and sees the girls sitting behid him. He looks back and smiles, but then her boyfriend comes in and sits next to her. Puthsees that, becomes discourages, and sinks down into his chair.

The video then moves forward to showing both Puth and the girls meeting at opposite ends of the aisels in a books store. She walks away in a haughty way. Shots then come in the video where the girl ispracticing ballet as Puth is accompanying her by playing the grand piano. Her boyfriend walks in, they fight, and she leaves.

The video then moves on to the girl sitting in the movie theatre. Puth sees her from the projection booth. He loads the projector and loads starts the film. Clips from classic films begin to play. It causes the girl to look up at the booth at Puth. He smiles and watches her as she smiles back.

This video is so deeply personalized. It’s a story with a story. Puth embraces and values love. The video literally touches you. It’s the type of video that you are able to put yourself into and become one with.The more you repeat it, the deeper it becomes.


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