Movie: This song appears in the 1980 movie Chambal Ki Kasam  (Swearing in the Name of Chambal – a place) produced by V L Murlidhar and directed by Ram Maheshwari. The movie starred late Raaj Kumar, Moushmi Chatterjee, Shatrughan Sinha, Farida Jalal, late Pradeep Kumar, late Amjad Khan, late Bhagwan and late Nirupa Roy.

Thakur Suraj Singh (Raaj Kumar) was the son of a zamindar (Pradeep Kumar). But both his parents were murdered by the dacoit Zaalim Singh in front of him in his childhood. Suraj was also thrown into a dry well during the scuffle. But he is saved by a girl  the next day. He is thus separated from his younger siblings. When he grew up, he turns into a dacoit to avenge the death of his parents. In a chain reaction, Zaalim Singh’s son (Ranjit) traps the killer of his father and wants to avenge his father’s death. Suraj escapes but with a bullet wound.

He reaches the place where his younger sister Anu (Farida Jalal) and their Aunt Chotima (Nirupa Roy) are present. Anu does not know about their relationship and Suraj had insisted that Chotima should not tell her. This was because he would soon be given the death sentence for killing Zaalim Singh. At this time, during a conversation, Chotima tells Anu that Suraj is like her elder brother. She argues with her and says that if her brother were alive, they would have seen better days. She just gets up and leaves. She then walks to the first floor of the house and begins to sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Khayyam and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi.

The girl is yearning to see her brother and says, “O Moon, tell my brother that his sister remembers you. What shall I say, how he looks? He is exactly like you. You will easily recognize him. When you see him, you will know. You shine on the whole world. You shine on every settlement, every village. Tell him to return home immediately. You are our jewelry. Sister remembers you. Tell him to bring the rakhi threads. Tell him not to make us wait any more. Swear on our mother’s name. Give the rituals and traditions as a gift. Ask that upset brother of mine – what is the mistake of me and others here? A sister has to leave our home and live with someone else. She is someone else’s asset. She will not stay here forever. Sister remembers you.”

Moon in Hindi poetic literature has been considered in various ways. It is personified often and made a messenger like here. And here the typically Indian concept of girls getting married and going off to another’s home has been mentioned.

Video: Cinematography is by M N Malhotra and D K Prabhakar.

Raaj Kumar is sitting in a house on the ground floor and Farida Jalal thinks of her brother and sings this song to the moon. Raaj Kumar thinks of his sister, who is actually Farida Jalal, which she does not know but he knows. He is in such a condition that he can’t reveal himself.

Nirupa Roy tries to console him. They remember their childhood, how they celebrated Raksha Bandhan. Nirupa Roy goes to the pooja room and cries in front of the idol of Lord Krishna.

Farida Jalal begins to cry loudly and Raaj Kumar squats on the floor holding the parapet wall of the verandah, where he was standing.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Farida Jalal has lip-synced to the song while Raaj Kumar and Nirupa Roy look on.

Cultural Influence: If a girl’s brother is far away or in the armed forces or dead, the girl will have a longing for her brother. This is a cinematic situation, where brother and sister are nearby but can’t interact like one. But sad Raksha Bandhan like these can often happen. The song is good and can be watched.


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