Movie: This song appears in the 1964 family drama Aap Ki Parchayiyan (Your Shadows) produced and directed by Mohan Kumar. The movie starred Dharmendra, Supriya Choudhury, Shashikala, late Om Prakash, late Manorama, Suresh, late Nasir Hussain, late Leela Chitnis, etc.

Dinanath Chopra (Nazir Hussain) stays in a small house with his wife (Leela Chitnis) and 2 sons – Baldev (Suresh) and Chandramohan (Dharmendra). Dinanath mortgages his house to finance Baldev’s medical education. After he becomes a doctor, Baldev marries Rekha, who is from a rich family with parental blessings. Rekha’s father helps Baldev set up a dispensary and medical store.

Chandramohan studies in college and has a sweetheart, Asha (Supriya Choudhury), who lives with her father Vilayati Ram (Om Prakash) and mother (Manorama). Vilayati Ram is a kind of quack. Baldev changes after marriage and becomes insensitive to the needs of his family thinking about only his wife and her family all the time.

It is around this time that Chandramohan visits Asha’s home and sings this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by late Raja Mehendi Ali Khan and the music was composed by late Madan Mohan.

The man sings, “This is my desire. I lose my life in front of your house. When I came to your door, I just came. I won’t go back, fearing the world. I came now. How can I go back? What have I got till now from you? Let me have a look at this beautiful face, this lovely height and beautiful hair. I have this complaint about your God, who made you so beautiful. I would never have come to your lane. Your beauty has called me here. Can someone light a lamp and tell the moths not to come nearby? If I die in love with you, that death will be so beautiful. If I hold the edge of your dupatta and die, what a beautiful death will that be! If such a time is expected, I will wish to God that it happens soon.”

The man not only describes the beauty of the girl but also says that he loves her so much and if he dies in front of her door it would be the right thing to happen. Here again, the reference to the flame-moth love story is made.

Video: Cinematography is by K H Kapadia.

The video begins with Dharmendra falling out the door of a house. He reenters the house taking a bow and singing. He comes inside the house and goes into Supriya Choudhury’s room to shut the door. Again he opens the door and does not let her enter her own room.

She throws a towel on his face. Then he throws it back where it was before. Next, he circles her on a bicycle. This happens inside a house. The house looks like a middle-class home. He then sits on a cane chair and moves forward in the rhythm of the song. Then he falls back with the chair and hurts himself.

She goes into her room and he follows her without her knowledge. He again appears suddenly from below the bed. The video ends with Supriya Choudhury pushing Dharmendra on to a seat.

Artists: The playback has been given by Mohammad Rafi and Dharmendra has lip-synced to it while Supriya Choudhury looks on.

Cultural Influence: It is natural for boys teasing girls when they get a chance alone anytime. This video is worth watching for melodious Mohammad Rafi’s song and veteran actor Dharmendra’s acting, who acts with ease.

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