Movie: This song appeared in the 1966 classic Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (Spring Will Come Then Too) directed by Shaheed Latif and produced by late Guru Dutt. It starred Mala Sinha, Dharmendra, Tanuja, late Deven Verma and late Rehman.
Jitendra (Dharmendra) is a reporter for Jagriti newspaper and exposes the hazardous working conditions in a mine owned by one of the crooked creditors of his newspaper. He loses his job after an argument with the owner Amita (Mala Sinha). He insists that she work for the welfare of the mine workers. But she is not interested. Like he had predicted disaster strikes at the mine and there are a lot of casualties. Amita realizes his worth and not only reinstates Jitendra in his job but also gives him the promotion to News Editor’s post. In the meanwhile, her younger sister Sunita (Tanuja) has already got romantically involved with Jitendra. One day, Sunita asks him to visit her at her home. Amita thinks that he has come to meet her on the holiday.
It is on this occasion that Jitendra is challenged by Sunita to play the piano for them. Jitendra not only plays the piano but also sings a song describing his beloved, Sunita. But Amita thinks that he is singing for her.
Song: The music of this song was composed by O P Nayyar and the lyrics were penned by Anjaan.
The man says, “There is a new brightness on your beautiful face. If my heart flutters, then I am not to blame. Your eyes have said something. If my heart flutters, then I am not to blame. Between your loose tresses, your appearance is like a blossomed flower. It looks like the sun’s light is filtering through clouds. Wherever you look, there is only pleasure. There is a lot of mischief in your lowered eyes. Lightning strikes every time you stifle a laugh. Your youth itself is inebriated. Wherever you place your feet, the atmosphere changes. It looks like the spring has disappeared in you. No one else has the same sensation as you do.”
Video: Cinematography is by K G Prabhakar.
The video begins with the shot of Mala Sinha and Tanuja together and at a small distance Dharmendra is playing the piano and singing the song for Tanuja. But both the girls think that the song is for them.
Then Mala Sinha moves and stands near a window and Tanuja finds another place for herself. The song keeps on going. Towards the end, Rehman and Deven Verma come into the room, where this song is being played.
Artists: The playback singer is Mohammad Rafi and onscreen the song is performed by Dharmendra, while Mala Sinha and Tanuja look on.
Cultural Influence: The song is very melodious and soothing. When this song is sung or even words similar to this are spoken in front of 2 sisters or 2 girls, it can create misunderstanding with one of them. This is natural. This video is worth watching several times. During heavy rains and severe winter, we often laze out thinking about what to do. During such times, if we listen to such melodious songs, we will feel good and it will be a nice pastime.


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