When I first saw this movie, I was so naïve and believed everything I saw! Being a child, I thought if I were present in the situation Rishi Kapoor was faced with as a little sister, I would have spoken to concerned people and proved that he is innocent. That is what childhood was made up of for me. And I just love the way Neetu Singh dances in this song.
Movie: This song appears in the 1979 movie Jhootha Kahin Ka! (You Liar!), produced by Ravi Malhotra and directed by Ravi Tandon. This movie starred Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Rakesh Roshan, late Om Shivpuri, Prem Chopra, late Preeti Ganguli, Helen, late Iftekhar, late Pinchoo Kapoor, late Satyen Kapoo, Indrani Mukherjee, late Keshto Mukherjee, etc.
The Rais – father (Om Shivpuri), mother Shanti (Indrani Mukherjee) and 2 sons Ajay and Vijay get separated, when their ship encounters a storm and capsizes. Ajay and his mother are together, while Rai and Vijay reach separate places. Rich Jagatnarain Khanna saves Rai to take him home. He also makes sure that he is treated well and takes him as his business partner.
Several years later Ajay (Rishi Kapoor) works in Pinto’s Garage, living the dual life of a Casanova and a poor mechanic. He has dreams of marrying a rich woman named Sheetal Khanna (Neetu Singh). Vijay (Rakesh Roshan), now called as Vikram, works for Sheetal and hopes of marrying her too. Vikram has made an attractive woman Mala pregnant and refuses to marry her. An argument later Mala is killed and Vikram is blackmailed by a man called Prem (Prem Chopra).
Sheetal meets Ajay in the guise of a reporter Anita Verma due to some misunderstanding. Initially, she acts like she is the real reporter. But eventually her impersonation is revealed and Ajay gets upset with her. He does not realize that despite his partly Casanova lifestyle, Sheetal had fallen in love with him and he had also fallen for her. After a song they reconcile.
On the occasion of Sheetal’s birthday party, Ajay comes forward to sing this song.
Song: The lyrics of this song were composed by Gulshan Bawra and the music was composed by R D Burman.
The boy says, “At every bend in the path of life, we will find traveling companions. We look for those who are with us for a long distance. My eyes are looking for you. While walking together, the paths of our hearts will coincide. We will build our small home in this expansive world.”
The girl takes over, “Some people go for wealth. Somebody is the hunter of the body. The one, who creates a bond between hearts, is the real soul mate. Everybody here is selfish. Don’t trust them.”
The boy describes his girlfriend as, “The one, who dwells in my heart, is one among a million.”
The girl replies, “I hold your hand. I appreciate your love. Now we will walk the same road.”
The boy continues, “Ours is the same path.”
Both of them promise each other that they will be together for their entire lives.
Video: Cinematography is by M R Vasudev.
The video begins with the guitar being played by a guitarist. Rishi Kapoor takes the mike. As the extra dancers begin their performance, Rishi Kapoor begins to sing. Neetu Singh joins him in the song and dance on his insistence. She is wearing a white dress. Though her dress is simple, she looks very beautiful like a doll. Rishi Kapoor is in a black suit. The dresses of the extras are also good.
The claps in the song propel the song forward and functions like the traditional talam. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh dancing together look very beautiful. Neetu Singh dancing with the extras looks like many dolls are dancing together.
Artists: The playback is given by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle. Onscreen performances are by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, while Rakesh Roshan looks on.
Cultural Influence: The pair of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh is currently husband-wife. The dresses of Neetu Singh and the extra dancers are very good. The video is worth seeing at least once.


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