Besides Mithun Chakraborthy, I have been a fan of Kumar Gaurav, since childhood. He used to be one of the young sought after actors of his time. But I have never been fortunate enough to watch this movie as a child. 🙁

Movie: This song appears in the 1983 movie Romance directed and produced by late Ramanand Sagar. The movie starred Kumar Gaurav, Poonam Dhillon, late Shammi Kapoor, Sushma Seth, late Saeed Jaffrey, etc.

Amar (Kumar Gaurav) does not have any interest in life. But he does not know that his life would change for the better soon. This song appears in the beginning of the movie when the credits are shown.

Song: This song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi.

The boy is supposed to be sad and in his sorrow sings this song. He says that he does not have any use for his life, which is without any color. He yearns for someone or something to come into his life. He is shocked that in his youth he does not have any desires. There is no beginning or end to his story. When the rains fed his lane, he remained thirsty. May be he talks about a motive or a goal in life, which he does not have at this moment. Perhaps, he wants to say that others near him, of his age, found their soul mates, but he did not. He also says that he is akin to someone, who finds himself alone in a crowd.

Video: Cinematography is by G Singh.

The video begins with Kumar Gaurav running towards the camera in a mountainous place. For a sad song, he seems to be quite playful during this song. He seems to be enjoying the scenery. That does not gel well with the mood of the song.

The makers have caught the scene of the sky at an appropriate moment. The sky looks very beautiful. A bird flies across the sky and Kumar Gaurav watches it. There are some trees without leaves, which look quite symbolic of the song’s mood.

Sheep and horses are seen running across the camera range. This is a sad song but why and where does the actor jump and run to, we cannot discern. Then he sits on the parapet wall of a bridge. The shot where he is picturized from far away sitting on the parapet wall is actually good.

When he sings of rains, he is sitting on a rock on the river. This can be considered symbolic saying that he remained thirsty even though there was water near him.

Artists: The playback singer of this song was the music director R D Burman himself and it was picturized on Kumar Gaurav.

Cultural Influence: The fans of Kumar Gaurav like me will definitely watch this song. But people who would want to watch a sad song may also watch it.


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