Movie: This song appears in the 1965 hit family drama Khandaan (Clan), which was produced by Vasu Menon and directed by A Bhimsingh. The movie starred late Sunil Dutt, late Nutan, late Pran, late Om Prakash, late Lalita Pawar, late Manmohan Krishna, Helen and Mumtaz. The Tamil original of this movie was the same director’s Bhaaga Pirivinai.
Brothers Jeevandas (Om Prakash) and Shankar (Manmohan Krishna) inherit a vast area of farmland when their father passes away. Jeevandas has married Bhagvanti (Lalita Pawar) and they do not have children. On the other hand, Shankar (Manmohan Krishna) and his wife Parvati (Sulochana Chatterjee) have 2 sons – Govind and Shyam. After a high voltage shock from an electric pole hits Govind accidentally, he is paralysed on his right side.
Years later, Shyam leaves home to be educated in the city. On his return, he sees Bhagvanti’s brother’s son Navrangi (Pran) and his sister Neelima (Mumtaz) in the house. Navrangi and Neelima connive to split the family into 2. Now Jeevandas, Bhagvanti, Shyam, Neelima and Navrangi live on one side of the house. The other side is occupied by Shankar, Parvati, Govind and Radha (Nutan). This separation is accomplished easily due to Shyam and Neelima’s marriage, during which everybody insults Govind.
Shankar has fallen ill and wants to see Govind’s marriage. Radha convinces Govind and his parents that she only wants to serve Govind during his whole life. She gets married to him. It is on the wedding night that this song is sung by Radha.
Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Rajinder Kishen and the music was composed by Ravi.
This song is a sort of night song and develops into a lullaby later. The girl says that her husband is her temple, her prayer and her God. She insists that people look at him through her eyes. Then only people would know who he is for her. Wherever she sees, she observes him. But she does not know what he keeps thinking about.
She adds, “Look at me and smile a little. Otherwise, I will think that you are upset with me. You are the shine of the bindi on my forehead. You are the destination of the garland in my hands. I am a small little doll made up of mud. You are my life and my soul. Much of the night is over. Come I will make you go to sleep. Let the wind create music and I will sing a lullaby. When I see you this way, I feel that an angel is sleeping.”
Traditional Hindu woman’s emotions have been expressed in the song. They would consider their husband as God, whoever he was actual.
Video: Cinematography is by V Babasaheb.
This is an emotional song. The video opens with the scene of a room, where a married couple is present. Since Sunil Dutt is playing a differently-abled person, he becomes very sad and guilty that he has ruined his wife’s life. Then Nutan tries to cheer him up with the song. She makes him lie down and massages his feet. Indian women in olden days were exactly like this. Eventually, the song becomes a lullaby and Sunil Dutt falls asleep.
Artists: The playback singer is Lata Mangeshkar and Nutan lip-syncs to the tune. Sunil Dutt looks on.
Cultural Influence: During olden days, exactly how Indian women behaved is shown in this song. It has a little slow pace. People, who would like to have a change from noisy songs of today, can watch this song as many times as they want.


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