This song is from 2 of my favorite singers – Mohammad Rafi and Geeta Dutt.
Movie: This song appears in the 1960 semi-hit Kala Bazaar (Black Market) produced by Dev Anand and directed by Vijay Anand. The movie starred late Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, late Vijay Anand, late Chetan Anand, late Nanda, late Rashid Khan, late Madan Puri, late Leela Chitnis and Helen. The shots, where several Bollywood stars were glimpsed at the premiere of Mother India (1957), were part of this movie. Also, this is the only movie to have the 3 Anand brothers – Chetan Anand, Dev Anand and Vijay Anand working together.
Raghuvir (Dev Anand) is thrown out of his job as a bus conductor following an argument with a commuter. He is poor and has a mother (Leela Chitnis), who is ill, and 2 younger siblings to take care of. Now, he does not know how to make ends meet. In his sorrow, he passes by a cinema hall and observes Kalu (Rashid Khan) selling movie tickets. Raghu steals Rs.5000 from Advocate Desai (Chetan Anand) to set up his own black marketing business.
As Raghu and Kalu work together at the premiere, their tickets sell rapidly as more film stars arrive. At the end, he sells the last ticket at Rs.100, when it costs only Rs.2. Having gained a large profit from the new business, Kalu and Raghu recruit many homeless and poor thieves. Then Ganesh (Madan Puri) challenges him, Raghu beats him up. That convinces Ganesh and he agrees to work for them.
Everything goes haywire when a few college students buy movie tickets from his team. When Alka (Waheeda Rehman) gets to know that they have been bought in black, she tears them up. Raghu happens to hear this conversation and be watching what was going on. The incident has a great impact on him. Alka’s boyfriend Nandkumar Chattopadhyay (Vijay Anand) promises that he would not do it again.
Raghu is smitten by Alka and he begins to follow her. Having gained enough wealth now, Raghu shifts his family to a new and spacious flat that he has bought in Marine Drive near Alka’s place. Nand bags a scholarship and travels abroad for higher studies. Alka’s parents take her to Ooty to get his mind off Nand. Raghu decides that this would be the right opportunity to mingle with the family and gets a ticket in the same first class train cabin as her family. He tries to flirt with Alka with a song that is a covert prayer to the Almighty. During the night, Alka’s father gets back pain and Raghu massages it to his relief. Thus he gets friendly with the family.
When he tries to romance Alka, she resists and spurns him. She also says that she is engaged to Nand. Raghu is heartbroken. He returns to Bombay (Mumbai now) to his business. But the love he had for Alka has already changed him. While leaving Ooty, he had promised that he would give up all things wrong. Raghu convinces his partners to stop their bad deeds and get honest jobs. He sets up cloth business for almost all of them. But some of them including Ganesh return to black-marketing. Raghu is then surprised to meet Alka one day in Bombay.
It is during that rain sequence that this song is sung in the background.
Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Shailendra and music was composed by S. D. Burman.
The song goes thus, “The rain has brought the rhim jhim harmonious sound. I remember the first meeting with someone. Our bodies are already wet and then again the rain is showering more water on us. The rains have brought the message of love. I won’t speak. Let my eyes speak with yours. After listening to the noise of the inebriated dark clouds, our hearts dance like the peacocks. The mate of my dreams is walking with me.”
Video: Cinematography is by V Ratra.
Waheeda Rehman is standing at the bus stand. Most people here are holding an umbrella each because it is raining. Only Dev Anand is holding a newspaper over his head. He calls a cab. Both he and Waheeda Rehman approach the stopped cab. When they reach it, they see and recognize each other. Within that moment an old woman enters the cab and leaves with it.
Waheeda Rehman wears a dark sari with a light colored blouse, while Dev Anand is wearing a dark kurta pyjama. She had closed the umbrella while approaching the cab. Now both are getting wet. So Dev Anand tells her to open the umbrella and she tells him to come under it too. They try to catch another taxi when it is taken by somebody else.
Suddenly, the camera shoots the sea with the playful waves hitting the large rocks on the shore. The playful nature of the waves represents the mood of the song that is to follow. The song begins. They feel the song in their hearts. They remember all the things that had happened to them together in the past. During the entire song, they are walking on the street. The song abruptly ends, when they reach Dev Anand’s home.
Artists: The playback singers are Mohammad Rafi and Geeta Dutt. Onscreen performers are Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand.
Cultural Influence: Sudden meetings like here can happen during the rainy season and during any season for that matter. This song is worthy of being watched at least once during the rainy season.


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