This song appears twice in this movie – one is sung by Mohammad Rafi and the other by Lata Mangeshkar. I have selected the song sung by the male voice because that comes first in the sequence of events in the movie.

The lyrics of this song were written by late Hasrat Jaipuri. One thing about him has stuck with me. Once he said in an interview that a poet will never be inspired by his wife. His inspiration will always be another woman. I find the statement a little unbecoming of the great lyricist and the man. I have interviewed many songwriters, who openly said that they have been inspired by their own wives.

Movie: This song appears in the 1969 semi-hit movie Yakeen (Faith) produced by Deven Verma and directed by Brij. The star-cast included Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, late David, Kamini Kaushal, late Anwar Hussain, late Asit Sen, Helen, late M B Shetty, Bhram Bharadwaj, etc.

Rajesh (Dharmendra) is a scientist. He is injured during a secret experiment with Dr. Sharma (Bhram Bharadwaj). He is granted leave to recover. He lives in Delhi with his dog and cook, Bhola (Asit Sen). He loves Rita (Sharmila Tagore). When he goes to another city to meet Rita’s mother to ask for Rita’s hand in marriage, her mother agrees.

When he returns to his hotel, he finds his suitcase ransacked. Back home in Delhi, 2 men fool Bhola into letting them photograph the interior of Rajesh’s house. That evening, when Rajesh and Rita meet in a desolate place, Rita says that she is deeply worried there might be obstacles in their marriage.

That is the time in the movie when Rajesh sings this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishen and the lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The girl is suddenly sad that their love would not be successful and then the man tries to soothe her by singing this song. He says, “If you don’t forget our love, our dreams and desires will be fulfilled and we will not part. Our loyalty is the marking on stone (thus permanent). Our name and trace will not be destroyed. We will be together in every journey of life. We will walk the paths of the world together. We will live together. We will die together.”

The promises made by the man may sound a little bizarre. But that is the way songs are expressed in Bollywood.

Video: Cinematography is by Anwar Siraj.

The song has been picturized in the twilight, which is beautiful. There are a lot of tall trees among which the song has been shot. The hero and heroine’s togetherness is shown in the song. While walking they reach some bushes. Their dresses compliment the color of the scenery.

The area suddenly becomes foggy. The fog is accompanied by rain and the pair get wet. The song has been shot within a small area.

Artists: The playback singer is Mohammad Rafi and Dharmendra lip-syncs to the song, while Sharmila Tagore looks on.

Cultural Influence: Most important people connected to this song are Mohammad Rafi, the playback singer and the actors Dharmendra and Sharmila Tagore. All are top-ranking and talented people. Lovers of old songs will keep watching this song many times. Though there is nothing extraordinary in the given song, it is normal for couples to go to lonely places to talk to each other. This has been woven into the fabric of the song.


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