When I was studying in the 9th and 10th grades, my Mom made us (my sister and me) dance to her tunes for the Parents Day function at school. It was a folk dance called Bhangra of the Punjabis. Please do not get any ideas. We are South Indians. But my Mom was brought up in Delhi. That’s how there is a Punjabi influence on our lives, activities and our cuisine. That’s the closest we got to Punjab. But years later I still love to shake my leg to a Punjabi tune. That is why I loved this song the moment I heard it for the first time.

Movie: This song was placed in the 2015 rom-com All is Well. It was produced by Bhushan Kumar, Shyam Bajaj, Krishan Kumar and Varun Bajaj and directed by Umesh Shukla. The cast was lead by Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. This movie is similar to Shukla’s previous movie OMG – Oh My God! in that it sends home a specific thorny social message.

The basic storyline is about Indian values and taking care of one’s parents in their old age – A Shravan Kumar (In Ramayan, Shravan Kumar was the sole person taking care of his blind parents. By mistake Lord Ram’s father King Dashrath kills him, during a hunting spree. When Shravan’s parents get to know that their son is dead they curse Dashrath that he will also suffer the pangs of separation from his son.) theme with a modern twist.

The movie begins with Inder Bhalla (Abhishek Kapoor) being thrown out of his home by his father Bhajanlal (Rishi Kapoor). Bhajanlal has a bakery, which does not run well financially. Inder is a wannabe song composer. But his father wants him to work in his bakery, which he clearly refuses. This the father finds insulting and then he throws out his only son, with the impression that his son is haughty and self-seeking. As a result Inder hates his father forever but Bhajanlal still has some love for his son. Inder goes to Thailand with his friend Ronny (Sumeet Vyas), also an upcoming composer. Inder misses his mother Pammi Bhalla (Supriya Pathak) but hasn’t spoken to her in many years. All of a sudden, Cheema (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub) gives Inder a call, lying to him that he has to be present in his home town for his share of the bakery, since his father had sold it.

Inder leaves behind everything to fly home. At the airport, he says goodbye to his girlfriend Nimmi (Asin). But he does not know that she is also returning to India. On reaching India, both of them catch the same taxi and Nimmi insists on visiting his place. They are greeted by Cheema’s representative when they reach Inder’s home and he takes them to Cheema. At Cheema’s warehouse, they realize that his father had been kidnapped by Cheema since the senior Bhalla had not paid back the loans that he had been borrowing regularly from him. Cheema threatens to kill them if they do not repay the money. The father-son duo is allowed to go back home to ponder over the issue. On reaching home, Inder finds that his mother had been sent to an ashram because she was suffering from Alzeimer’s. Inder decides to bring back his mother and the Bhalla family run away with Nimmi in tow from Cheema. They reach Highway Dhaba to have food.

This song is an item number placed at this moment of the movie.

Song: Lyrics are by Kumaar and music is composed by Meet Brothers and Anjjan. This is a typical Punjabi Tappedar Bhangra song. The song goes this way: The hero says, “Punjabis’ dhol is being beaten. On the dhol spoon is being hit with the sound cham cham. Give me permission and dance together with me.”

The girl replies, “Girls wear necklaces with 9 types of stones. Dance with me on the rhythm of desi dhol. I drink a peg from your eyes. Keep dancing.”

The lyrics seem unconnected but their connection can be seen visually in the video. Further the hero says that he will remove the evil eye effects on the girl if any by moving dollars in front of her face. The song continues with the girl saying, “I dance so vigorously enjoying with you during the function. I have not become tired while dance with you. I have been dancing continuously with you.”

Video: The music is catchy and goes down well with the teenagers. They perform this song in most functions of schools, colleges and housing societies. During holidays, we have seen teenage boys sit in front of buildings late in the evening after 8 PM, when they sing such songs in qawwaali form and dance to its tune.

The set of the Dhaba that has been erected is very beautiful. The color combination of the dresses worn by the dancers is eye-catching. The dancers holding lighted lanterns gives a good effect going well with the color combination of the dresses and the set. The choreographer has made this song with typical steps of Tappa and Bhangra and brought together his imagination. The result is a hit song and dance sequence.

The main focus of the song is on Sonakshi. Taking selfies have become a trend today and they have placed that as well in between in the song, which is also attractive. School-going children will start shouting, “woh dekho selfie aa gaya!”, while seeing the video.

Artists: Singers are Kanika Kapoor, Meet Brothers and Anjjan. The video shows Abhishek Bachchan and Sonakshi Sinha dancing to its tunes. In between Rishi Kapoor also appears to perform a few steps.

Cultural Influence: The song attracts older people as well has teenagers, so much so that they sing with whatever words they can think of, which may make sense or not. It is essentially a Punjabi traditional song that has been given a modern turn.


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