I chose this song not only because one of my favorite actors Dev Anand has acted in it, but also because the movie was directed by one of the greatest directors of Bollywood, my favorite late Hrishikesh Mukherjee. I had the honor of interviewing him during the beginning of my career for a print magazine I was writing for at that time. I had promised him that I would send a photocopy of the published interview. When I sent it I requested him to inform me that he had received it. He was such a simple person that he actually gave me a call!

Movie: Asli Naqli (Authentic – Fake), a 1962 movie was produced by L B Lachmana and L B Thakur, while it was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The cast includes late Dev Anand, late Sadhana Shivdasani, late Nazir Hussain, late Leela Chitnis, Sandhya Roy, late Mukri and late Keshto Mukherjee.

Anand (Dev Anand) is the spoilt grandson of a rich businessman Rai Bahadur (Nazir Hussain). Rai Bahadur wants him to marry Rekha (Sandhya Roy), only child and heir of a rich man. But Anand is not interested in her. After a verbal argument, Anand comes out of the house taking a vow that he would return only after proving his worthiness.

He lands on the streets of Bombay (Mumbai now). He is found by Mohan (Anwar Hussain), who takes him home, which is in a poor locality. Anand lives there and looks for work. He gets acquainted with a beautiful educated woman Renu (Sadhana Shivdasani) and is impressed by her. She helps him find a job, which he loses due to his ineptitude. Renu works in a company, but her mother thinks that she is studying in college. Her mother thinks that the money she brings have been sent by her father. Renu tells Anand that her father is dead and she has not told her mother about it since she would not be able to bear the shock. Anand is more impressed by her and asked her to marry him. She happily agrees.

Renu is running a small school for older people in the poor neighbourhood, where Anand is staying. One day it is raining heavily and the students do not come for the class. Only Anand and Renu are present there, when Anand sings this song.

Song: Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishen and lyrics are written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The song is sung thus, “I will make an idol of yours and worship you. I will die if I fall in love with someone else. Bringing the silver of looks and the gold of love, your statue will be made mixing the 2. I will mix the color of loyalty in your figurine. I will die if I fall in love with someone else. Placing you in the temple of my heart, I will talk to you every day. Morning and evening in every season we will be meeting. I will say my heart’s condition to you. I will not fear. I will die if I fall in love with someone else. The world is a museum and it is nothing in particular. My love story will always be popular on this earth. I might come in any form but I will be yours. I will die if I fall in love with someone else. I will make an idol of yours and worship you. I will die if I fall in love with someone else.”

Video: The room, which houses the class, has a jafrey (Delhi language) of British times. It is a grill, made up of wooden strips, which doubles up as a large window, allowing ample light and air. Actually, Sadhana is the teacher of the class. But here Dev Anand expresses his love through the song.

Cinematographer Jaywant Pathare has picturized this song in black and white, very well. The actors’ dresses are also according to the black and white scenario. Sadhana’s dress and hairstyle is typical of the 1960s school teachers. But she is playing a girl of college-going age. So her dress makes her look older.

Dev Anand’s expression of love to her makes her feel shy unlike the chirpy girls of today.

Artists: Playback singer is Mohammad Rafi. Onscreen Dev Anand performs the song, while Sadhana looks on.

Cultural Influence: The director has taken cinematic liberty of the hero expressing his love to his beloved in a classroom. The other students do not come to the class because of the rain. The hero takes the advantage of that and expresses his love. This affects the purity and the discipline of the classroom environment. If this song had been picturized elsewhere, then it would have been better.


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