Late Kishore Kumar has sung several beautiful songs. This is one of the Kishore Kumar songs that I like.

Movie: This song appears in the movie Anurodh (Request), a 1977 musical drama produced by Girija Samanta and directed by late Shakti Samanta. The film is a takeoff from the Bengali movie Deya Neya, released in 1963 and stars late Rajesh Khanna, late Vinod Mehra, late Simple Kapadia, Rita Bhaduri, late Ashok Kumar, Asrani, late Asit Sen, late Utpal Dutt and late Nirupa Roy.

Arun (Rajesh Khanna), the son of a rich businessman Chaudhury (Utpal Dutt), is an upcoming singer and sings, in the local radio station, songs that are written by his ailing friend Srikant (Vinod Mehra). His father wants him to take over their family business and thinks singing is not worthy of people of their status. These thoughts create constant friction between the father and the son. Srikant lives below poverty level and earns a living by writing songs. Arun always helps him with money, since Srikant cannot go out to work due to his illness.

Things go awry one day, when after a fight with his father, Arun leaves his home and goes to Calcutta (Kokatta now). He joins the local radio station as a singer and lives with another friend (Asrani), the owner of a garage. On a rainy night, he meets Sunita (Simple Kapadia) at his friend’s garage. After this meeting he sings the given song.

Song: The music of the film is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and the lyrics have been written by Anand Bakshi.

The song goes thus, “While moving about the streets, which are spread on their own without any restriction, sometimes by chance, many strangers meet. Among them, some people forget others easily, some are always remembered.”

The first stanza has 2 figures of speech – a Transferred Epithet and a Personification. Streets are given the adjective or epithet of being beautiful and without home. They are also personified and said to be beautiful and having no home.

The song continues, “The friends of the world of sound, last night somewhere I found this highly beautiful thought. I found a silk handkerchief on the road, which was dropped purposefully by someone. Let that someone take it away after recognizing it. Otherwise I will keep it thinking that it is my own and a reminder of a beautiful girl.”

It appears that the singer had found a silk handkerchief of a beautiful girl. Through this song he tries to inform the girl that he has it with him. She could seek him out and take it back from him. Otherwise he plans to keep it with himself.

The song continues, “While singing and talking to each other, sometimes one joke can create many young incidents. Some of them are easily forgotten and some of them are remembered well.”

Here a Personification has been created, where incidents are personified and said to be young.

The song goes further this way, “My luck is favorable to me. The beautiful girl, whose story this is, even she might have heard this message. She might have heard her name in my songs. Let her comprehend the secret from the distance at which she is sitting. Let her recognize my voice. I wish it rains again like yesterday and we meet somewhere. When sleep does not come during the long nights, sometimes with this desire, so many beautiful dreams occur. Among them some dreams are forgotten, some are remembered easily.”

Video: Cinematography by Aloke Dasgupta. This is something called a situational song, where the song takes the story forward.

Rajesh Khanna is actually singing in a radio station. Nobody would be watching him. Only his voice is being heard. He need not do so many antics. At the same time, it is a movie in which this song sequence appears. Taking cinematic liberty, Rajesh Khanna even dances to the tune of the song, standing at one place near the mike.

The set of the radio station is authentic. They haven’t taken cinematic liberty in this aspect. The orchestra has been arranged very well in terms of positions of the individual musical instruments. The actors, who act like they are playing the instruments, play it to the rhythm of the song very well. Rajesh Khanna’s dress compliments the blue of the walls of the studio.

Simple Kapadia listens to the song on the radio at her home. She can just listen to the song, with closed eyes and enjoy it. Well, that’s what anybody would do when they are alone. But again cinematic liberty is taken and she moves along with the song all over the room. Asrani and Preeti Ganguly also listen to the song at their home.

Artists: Playback singer is Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna lip-synchs to it. Simple Kapadia, Asrani and Preeti Ganguly listen to the song over the radio at separate locations.

Cultural Influence: We would listen attentively to any good singer’s song. When we know the singer, like in this movie Asrani and Preeti Ganguly know Rajesh Khanna personally, they enjoy the song much more.


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